You want delightful surprises for customers

Setting up promotions in the past may not be that easy for you. You have to think about what kind of promotions to run, whether such sales can complement each other, or even how to implement such promotions. Sometimes, the system may limit your flexibility in terms of doing what you want, in the end, you have to adapt your business to the system instead of the other way around.

But with Ari, things change.

Ari allows you to run your retail promotions in any way you want. Set up a combination of sales promotion so that it makes sense for the customers to buy. 20% storewide sales only? Why not make it buy product A and get product B for free or 30% off? This allows your customers to try more new and complementary products that enhance their shopping experience.

Easily start your promotions by editing from a range of sample templates provided – just enter the item and quantity will do. System will automatically resolves conflict and allows you to set the time period and location for the promotion.

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