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Multi-Store Management
March 25, 2020

Retail Reports in Ari provide you with a 360-degree view of your business

Retail Reports and analytics dashboard define the navigation of a business. Without reports and analytics, you would not know how your business is performing. It lets you know where a retail store is lacking and what are the necessary steps required.

Ari knows this necessity and has included retail reports covering every possible aspect of your business. The reports are related to sales, tax, expiry date, inventory, loyalty, and whatnot. This makes sure you get the required information in one go.

Through the analytical dashboard, one can compare the performance of all the stores, and even for different time frames. For all your stores, there are two dashboards where one is for sales and another for purchase.

Features which make Ari Retail Reports Exceptional

Multiple Templates for Every Report

You can either use the summary template or the detailed one. This feature is available for every report. In the retail sales report, you even get one additional template providing sales analytics. The idea behind providing you with a summary and detailed report is to let you know about your different business aspects in the way you want.

Smart Store Selection for Reports

Ari allows its users to create a well-structured hierarchy system for their respective stores. In this structure, you can create a headquarter under which several zones appear. These several zones contain the stores where the buyers come for shopping.

While creating a report, you can choose to select multiple zones, and it will automatically cover the stores present inside these particular zones. If you wish to generate retail reports for all the stores at once, select them all. The report will appear after processing.

Advanced Filters for specific Report Generation

Filters differ as per the report you select. You need to choose the attribute according to which you wish to filter the report. For that attribute, you need to choose a filter option and a certain value. It won’t even take a minute to add the details and run the report. You can even save a template and load it for later use.

Grouping Feature

At the time of retail reports generation, you need to add a primary parameter according to which the report is generated. For instance, your primary parameter is the “Organization” for the stock analysis report. Then it will bifurcate the report as per different organizations. This feature helps the businesses to define the structure of a report as per the requirement.

What all Ari’s Dashboard has for you?

Ari has bifurcated its dashboard into two parts for better absorption of data. It keeps the sales and purchase data separate, making both the dashboards appear clean. Let’s find out in detail what all information one can get from Ari’s dashboard.

Features of Air Point-of-sale software

From the dashboard, you can check retail analytics like which are the top five product categories that have shown the most sales. For making it easier for the user to understand, the data is made available in the form of a donut chart.

For every store, you can compare the sales of the current year and the previous year. However, if you wish to compare any of the two years, you can change the later year as the current year. Ari will automatically select the former year as the previous year.

Through the dashboard, it is possible to compare the sales and sales return for different stores. It could be helpful to check POS Reports like this when you need to keep a check on the sales return of various stores. In case if one store is showing high sales return in comparison to other stores, then it will alert the user.

Purchase Dashboard

You purchase several products, and ideally, the top-purchased product must be the one which is sold the most. However, if the case is different, you can find out from the analytical dashboard. You can check products for which your retail business shows the highest purchase and the same for the categories.

The top purchases can be checked for every organization. This lets you compare the customer demands of different stores. With its help, you can make purchase-related decisions.

You can compare the product requirement of the previous years to the current year. It will let you know the increment or decrement in demand for any product. Based on that, you can prepare yourself for the upcoming purchase needed.

Different Reports that Ari offers

We have tried to cover each aspect of your retail business in our reports. And we find this attempt successful as no other retail software shows such detailed reports related to purchase analysis reports, tax, loyalty, expiry date, sales analysis reports, and what not! Let’s have a look at what Ari offers to you:

The purchase analysis report available in Ari provides you with the information related to the purchases made by the vendor. You can choose to process the report for one particular store or the whole chain.

This report provides aid while filing the tax return. The tax appears on the report as per the location of the store. If you have stores in multiple countries, Ari can create a separate tax analytics report for you.

The loyalty ledger report provides information about the customers and points they own. You can also check the expired points. This helps to check the performance of a loyalty program and profit associated with it.

Through this report, you can keep track of net and gross sales of all your stores. There is an option to filter the report according to the document number, document date, party, organization, and Item. This lets you focus on a particular element of your business.

One of the major functionalities Ari provides is helping the stores to manage the priority of items that they need to sell. This report is essential for pharmacies, supermarkets, and grocery stores. Using it, you can even strategize that on which products you need to run promotions for clearing the stock.

Sales analytics report is offered by many retail management software. However, Ari stands above them by providing a report that directly gives results regarding the profit earned by your retail business during a period. You can analyze sales for each item and check if there is any loss occurred.

It is essential to know the medium of transaction. Our retail POS system allows a user to make a payment through credit card, gift card, cash, etc. It is crucial to know which payment channel is most favorable. These types of POS Reports may help in running promotions and discounts according to the payment method. It will also give information of the payment made to the channel.

With the name of the report, you must have had an idea of what information it provides. The primary job of this retail analytics report is to let you know whether the profit percentage is as per the expectation or not. You can generate two reports by selecting the cost method: Purchase cost and Landed cost.

Stock Analysis report lets a user know about the availability of the physical quantity of every item for a particular date. You can also check how many items were blocked on that date as layaways and what’s their respective stock points.

Ari processes the purchase and sales to show you real-time stock availability. It even calculates the “as-on-date” stock and generates the report for you. You can also check the items with zero stock for a specific date.

It shows the purchase items and purchase return items for a defined period. It contains the quantity, rate, and amount of every purchase and purchase return. For every product, in the end, it shows a weighted average cost.

The stock can be transferred from one store to another, or from a headquarter to any store outlet. The store which is receiving the stock needs to update that it has received the stock. Hence, with its help, you can find out on what date, specific stores did not receive stocks.

Benefits of Ari’s Reports and Analytics Feature

Dashboard Format

For visualization of your retail business, we bring the most efficient retail point of sale system. It’s not just the numbers that are important, but also how you make sense of those numbers. Ari’s Analytical Dashboard allows you to view data in colorful graphical form so that you will know where to focus and how your business is doing.

Refined Strategies

Your data is the guide that lets you know what to do next in business. For those items that are moving slow, stop procuring, and invest the money in items which are fast-moving to increase your profit margin. If a particular product category is not doing well, find out what the causes with the Reports and Analytics Dashboard available in Ari.

Observe Trends

Sometimes, some things can be missed out when you are just staring at tables. Ari’s Analytical Dashboard fetch information for you when it comes to observing trends. Simply find out how your stocks are moving by looking trends and decide which ones are popular and earning more profit.

Sales & Stock Analysis

Analyze the sales pattern and identify where your strengths are within your product or service range. Retail Analytics help you predict sales forecasts and set the sales budget for the future. You can also own inventory control by analyzing supply, storage, distribution, and product tracking to maintain stocks level for customer needs.

Make smart decisions, and wise strategies with Ari reports

Ari’s reports and analytics dashboard is one of the core modules in the entire system. Being an integrated platform, Ari collects information at all touchpoints and consolidates the data into viewable graphical reports.

The retail industry is competitive. In order to know how to attract customers, gain market share, and maximize profit, you need to have a clear understanding of your own business. Identify which are the areas that are doing well, and which are the areas that need improvement using Ari reports.

Come up with strategies and decisions based on real facts about your retail business instead of maneuvering blindly. Understand your statistics in a way that genuinely helps you.

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