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Support is always essential when it comes to IT products. Ari is delighted to be at the side of our customers whenever needed. Only with a strong Support team, then you will have no worries with regards to IT and be able to focus 100% on your Retail business.

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Let us help you start your retail business

If you are starting new, then this is the more-than-ideal time to jump in and start using Ari. With a fresh new start, you can implement Ari and customize it the way you want that maximizes the potential of Ari to it’s fullest. (Of course, even if you are not a new retailer and thinking of migrating to Ari, its flexibility allows you to manipulate it and fit nicely into your current business.)

Make full use of Ari’s Support as we come in to help in implementation, consultation and training. We make sure that we hand-held you through the initial phase until you can fully manage Ari yourself and start going!

It is never too late to start using Ari

Already have a retail business running and using another system? Don’t worry, ARI Support is here for easy migration. We understand that it’s a headache to switch systems, with all the various databases and operations. We help to ensure that transition is smooth and take care of everything regards to IT, while you continue to do business as usual.

Ari Support is there to help to adapt the quickest possible without interrupting your retail business, and even do better after having ARI.

Training in knowing everything about Ari

Knowledge on how to make use of Ari is important so that you tap on to the benefits and potential of ARI to its fullest. Training is provided to ensure you and your staff are clear on how to use Ari. Anytime you need additional training services, feel free to contact our Support team. With sufficient training, it is natural that you will do business in a more efficient, productive and happy way with Ari.

Our Support Contacts

Email: support@arirms.com

Phone: +971 4 3591588

Expect us to reply back in 1 business day.

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